On the verge of the expiry of the first milestone of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in 2015, the United Nations reported that since 1990, more than 2 billion people gained access to clean drinking water. It acknowledges that continued work is required to ensure that millions of people who are still without access to safe drinking water, sanitation, and energy services are served.

South Africa and the rest of the SADC community therefore still have a journey to walk in providing access to the referred services by all the inhabitants of their respective countries. The mentioned services are just part of the basic services required to provide basic human existence, in addition to shelter.

Deedscon Consult

We have assembled a team of technical professionals who have various skills to meet the business objectives. We are always alert to identify, attract and retain relevant skills that will fit in the culture and vision of the organization.

Core Business Areas

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Engineering consultancy

Services offered to public and private clients in this area include Infrastructure feasibility studies, Water resources development, Pump station designs, Solid waste management facilities, among many others

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Development consultancy

The firm offers professional services in the development field, providing Undertaking programme; Development planning; Facilitating Integrated Development Planning, among many others, mainly to public sector.

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Project management

The company has capacity to provide project management services to PMBOK standards for various private and public sector projects, be it soft projects or built environment infrastructure development projects.

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SMME Mentorship

The firm believes in the critical need for a transformed construction sector hence it also provides skills transfer and capacity building through technical, financial and business management mentorship services to emerging SMMEs in the construction sector to ensure growth and sustainability of a new breed of contractors in the sector

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Technical training

The firm offers training services in the area of project management in line with PMBOK standards. This includes application of all the process groups and knowledge areas in managing projects, especially for the built environment.

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Occupational Health and Safety

The firm offers services to both clients (project owners/developers) and construction entities regarding health and safety in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Construction Regulations

Our Clients